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ArtCenter Viewbook 2019–2020

Each printed cover features a one-of-a-kind configuration of modular geometric elements and is numbered sequentially—there are more than 40,000 total variations in circulation.
Creative direction and design: Brad Bartlett
Design and Code: Alex Seth
Project supervision: Scott Taylor
Editorial direction: Mike Winder
Production supervision: Ellie Eisner
Production: Audrey Krauss
Photography: Juan Posada

Algorithm / Cover Design

The cover was created using an algorithm that draws from a set of 18 modules. By changing color, position and rotation, the algorithm generated more than 34,500 unique permutations that form the letter A.
Processing was used to generate the algorithm, HP Indigo SmartStream Designer was the final software used to deploy the algorithm for final printing.

Additional Credits:

Copy Editor: Mary Nadler
Writing: Lynne Heffley, Brenda Rees, Solvej Schou, Jamie Wetherbe, Mike Winder
Font: Centra #2 Mono designed exclusively for the publication by alumnus Josh Finklea
Printer: Clear Image Printing Co., Los Angeles, California

©2023 Alex Seth