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ArtCenter College of Design Marketing 

A selection of work done while working as an in house designer for the marketing and communications office at ArtCenter College of Design. 
Client: ArtCenter College of Design
Creative Director: Scott Taylor
Art Director: Winnie Li
Designer: Alex Seth

Recruitment Poster

Design a poster that will be sent out to community colleges and highschools all across the United States to attract new talent to the college. The promt for this poster was to include photography spanning the range of work created at the college by students. 


Two other posters I designed that were included in the presentation of choices for the college.

Creative Impact

Alongside having worked on print projects, the role of online marketing for the college required some design attention. Creative Impact would be a newsletter designed to highlight members of the college and their impact on the creative community. 
Creative Director: Scott Taylor
Design and development: Alex Seth

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